Mango Passion Fruit Super Sticks - Zero Sugar, Low Carb, Keto, boost of Vitamins, Smart Energy Antioxidants in a Convenient Packet

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ENERGY MULTIPLIER: Yerbae Super Sticks are a unique, convenient way to drink your essential vitamins. Made with the highest quality ingredients and vibrant flavorings, there is no better way to motivate yourself to take your vitamins.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Losing weight is hard, and on a diet, energy can be hard to come by. Yerbae Super Sticks are a convenient and tasty source of healthy energy. Mango Passion Fruit super sticks are your smart refresh with a boost of Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants.

ALL NATURAL: With Yerbae Mango Passion Fruit Super Sticks you can now enjoy the very best that mother nature has to offer. Each stick is packed with pure and natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, calories or carbs-an ideal snack for those watching their weight.

ZERO SUGAR - GREAT FLAVOR: Yerbae Mango Passion Fruit Super Sticks has Great flavor, great energy, and zero sugar. Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, this is a guilt-free way to enjoy fresh fruit flavor in one portable stick.

FOR ANY OCCASION: No matter the occasion, energy always in high demand by our busy lifestyles. Yerbae's Mango Super Sticks are full of healthy nutrients to fuel your body and mind.

Supercharge your water, improve your hydration, boost your energy, and replenish your antioxidants with Yerbaé Super Sticks: The Clean, Simple, and Delicious way to take Yerbaé with you every day. Great for your workout energy and focus with 100mg of natural caffeine. Antioxidant Rich for your mind and body Yerba Mate and vitamins A, C, and E. The naturally smart way to get your vitamins and hydrate your body. Yerbaé a Plant-Based ingredients make Yerbaé Super Sticks Vegan Friendly, Keto Friendly, and non-GMO. Great Tasting and Refreshing with Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners and Gluten Free. All packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Perfect to take on the go and great for the planet.