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Pure Vitamin C Primer - Brightening Scincare - Natural Glow and Even Skin - Tone - Anti Aging Primer with Hydrolic Acid-Vitamin E - Dermatologist-Tested

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SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Kismet Cosmetics primer is not just for your face, this product  a face primer that can be used on your neck and chest to give you a youthful glow. Good for all skin types.

INSTANTLY BRIGHTENS EVENS SKIN-TONE: Glow and Even Skin-Tone Primer is a revolutionary multi-treatment that instantly brightening your skin with a beautiful healthy glow. This primer also helps to smooth wrinkles and improve the texture of your skin to help eliminate the aging process before it begins.

IMPROVES SKIN APPEARANCE OVER TIME: Within a week you can noticeably diminish the appearance of discoloration, for an even complexion prime radiance and luminosity.

DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Pure Vitamin C Primer is Cruelty free, paraben free, no fragrance added, alcohol free, and non-comedogenic.

ANTI AGING PRIMER: This Vitamin C primer blend with Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, and Jojoba Oil in an anti aging, skin brightening formula designed to improve wrinkles and dark spots.

Every foundation needs a Pure Primer. Kismet Cosmetics take it a step further by conditioning and caring for your skin. Our Pure Primer allows any foundation to glide on easily and last all day. Our blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and JoJoba Esters nurture and revitalize skin for a baby-soft feel. So Pure, you can use it daily on all skin types, with or without makeup, or on other parts of your body for an extra boost of conditioning.