Portable Camping Fire Log, Mini Fire Pit for Campfire Cooking Pack of 6-Logs, Made in USA

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CLEAN, SAFE, CONTROLLED: A strategically placed vent in this Fire Log burns cleanly for up to 2 hours. The flames are perfectly contained within the log, allowing you to enjoy a fire without sooty smoke or smells left behind. This vent also provides you with ultimate safety control by allowing you to extinguish the flames at any time - there is no need to empty any ash or to cover your fireplace. OneLogFire Fire Log is less expensive than ordering firewood and easier to use than starting a traditional fire.

EASY TO USE: The OneLogFire Fire Log does not require any instant water supply, vents, wood cutting or bending. It is simple to use, just place Fire Log in fireplace and light with a match. Because it's fire-safe, you can rely on it to burn for up to 2 hours of warmth.

LONG BURN, NO MESS: Cleaning out ashes after a campfire can be a chore. The OneLogFire Fire Log is the fire log that does what you need it to do: burn up wood and provide an evening of warmth, but no messy ash. With OneLogFire you'll never have to empty or dirty your fire pit again. It still produces tons of heat, but no ashes, which means there's nothing for you to clean up.

EASY TO TRANSPORT: With a carrying handle and lightweight, portable design, bringing the fire log with you wherever you go is a snap. Thanks to its portable design, the fire log is perfect for taking with you to the cabin, the beach, the backyard--anywhere. You never have to worry about a lack of firewood when you have a portable log!

SAFE FOR COOKING: Open fire and outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy the fire features they love without the worry of the personal safety risks and clean up associated with an open flame - making it ideal as a campfire cooking surface as well as a portable fire pit for roasting smores and warming hands.

The OneLogFire is a great way to enjoy a campfire anywhere, anytime. Easy to light and burns for up to 2 hours. The OneLogFire fire wood logs are handmade in Minnesota. Each log is 6'' in diameter by 8'' tall. Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with the Original OneLogFire, quick to light and easy to use, these kiln-dried fire logs burn from the inside out to create lasting warmth and ambiance. Lightweight with a carrying handle, the one wood log fire takes away the hassle of traditional fire starting methods. The Original OneLogFire is the perfect addition to any campfire, grate or fireplace. A favorite for decades, the light n go fire log makes camping, tailgating and backyard get-togethers effortless. The mini bonfire log comes in firewood bundle of 6; offering up to 2 hours of burn time.
Some logs may have cracks in them and will not affect the burning of the log.

Each case contains 6-Logs
Made in USA