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27 PCs Diving Pool Toys, Underwater Swimming Pool Toys Set - Collection Diving Training Gifts for Kids

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27 PCS SINKING TOYS: This 27 PCS SINKING TOYS Set are great for parents and kids have fun in the pool or beach. This set of toys set include lots of fun items such as rings, diving sticks, etc. The best part is that they sink when they are placed in the water. So they will not float away or get lost in the deep pool.

SUITABLE FOR DIVING TRAINING: Diving Pool Toys are the perfect tools for kids, which are not only used for exercise, but also teaching and playing.

UNIQUE DIVING POOL TOYS SET: This toy set can help you develop the muscles of upper limbs, improve blood circulation and eye-hand coordination ability. This awesome diving toy set also great gifts for your kids that will bring tons of fun during their summer vacation outdoors. It's a perfect dive training toy set for both kids and adults.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: These toys are lightweight and portable. You can take it with you when you travel, so your kids will have something useful in the family trip.

SAFETY AND NON-TOXIC: These toys are safe and non-toxic, which is of great importance for kids and even adults who play with them. The colorful and modern designed will be enjoyed by all ages.

This 27-piece set includes 4 dive sticks, 3 dive balls, 3 fish rings, 6 diving discs, 3 diving fish and 8 treasure chest shaped toys. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes such as the stick diving ball toy which lies upright on the bottom, the swimming pool torpedo ball that glides under water, or the diving ball toy that will light up in the water. You will have hours of fun with your kids using these cool swimming pool toys! They are also great as party favors or gifts.