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Facial Soap - Balancing Facial Soap - Gentle & Sensitive - Synthetic-Free and Zero-Waste

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ROSE BAY SOAP: Earth Harbor Naturals Facial Soap is made with essential coconut oils distilled from flowers and plant resins, which together have been valued for centuries for their gentle and soothing benefit for skin. Rose Bay is a balancing, anti-inflammatory formula, perfect for sensitive skin.

PRODUCT STANDARDS: Facial soap made with rose bay is created using the process of triple-milled soap making. During this process, our all natural, handcrafted soap is first made with a combination of 100% plant-based ingredients infuse healing botanicals and oils into the soap to create the smoothest lather and delicate cleansing. This hardworking facial soap is perfect for daily use and those with sensitive skin.

TARGET CONCERNS: Earth Harbor Naturals calming facial soaps cleanse, tone, and exfoliate to achieve a clear complexion that's natural and radiant. Each plant-based formula was created for a specific skin concern, and will leave your face feeling soft and refreshed.

KEY INGREDIENTS: This gentle facial soap is mild enough to use on your whole body. These soap bars are made without synthetic detergents and fillers, with fresh rose petals and other herbs to cleanse and tone skin. It's a good idea for everyone to have several in your home.

BENEFITS: Earth Harbor Facial Soap is zero waste and fills the need for an all-natural, zero-waste facial cleansing product which is also gentle and soothing.

Say hey to your new bae, ROSE BAY Balancing Facial Soap. The enriching effects of Australian Pink Sea Clay, Moroccan Rose Extract, and Coconut Oil gently purify and remove build-up without stripping your skin. She is a luxe facial soap with a silken texture and calming aroma reminiscent of fresh roses in a bay breeze. Designed for balancing all skin types.