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Leather Dog Collar - Genuine Leather Padded Dog Collar - Handmade -Super Soft And Strong Tooled Dog Collar -Brass And Stainless Steel

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Angel Pet Supplies Inc. Leather dog collar is made up of the highest quality 100% genuine leather which remains soft and comfortable for your dog. It offers the durability and strength you need and the comfort your dog expects. The inner side of the collar is padded with soft real leather and protects your dog's neck from rubbing and irritation.

SUPERIOR COMFORT FOR YOUR DOG: This Dallas Dog Collar by ANGEL have an extra layer of super- soft genuine padded leather to keep your dog as comfortable and safe as possible. Eliminates irritation and chaffing. Strong and thick, these collars are meant to withstand your dog's active lifestyle.

NATURALLY TANNED: The Dallas dog collar by an Angel is made from natural tanned leather which gives the collar its unique texture. All Angel Pet Supplies Inc Products are vegetable- dyed. No toxic chemicals are used in any stage of production. Skilled craftspersons give each product the careful attention to detail.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Dallas dog collar by an Angel is beautiful handcrafted collars are made from the finest quality materials and our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service. Your dog is family. Keep their neck safe and stylish with our Dallas Dog Collar.

PERFECT FOR MOST BREEDS: This collar is a high quality leather collar that is perfect for day to day wear. The leather is soft and pliable perfect for most breeds, making it comfortable for prolonged wear.

Plain Padded Harness Leather Dog Collar (Dallas). An award Winning Elite Collection. Artisan hand-made, hand-carved and hand-dyed collars made of our high quality 100% Genuine padded Argentinean cowhide leather. Constructed with a center D-ring for maximum control and exposure. Available in 7 unique designs. Now with stainless steel hardware. Leather Preserving Products. Best fits any breed with a neck size between 11.5"- 14", such as Boston Terrier, Pug & similar breeds.