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Daily Brightening Facial Toner - Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free toner & Vegan Skincare - For all Skin Types, 4 Oz - Made in USA

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SUPPORTS SKIN RENEWAL:  With its premium organic ingredients and ability to support skin renewal, Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clear Skin Tonic is a concentrated blend of pure botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals for penetrating nourishment, exfoliation and protection. This balancing facial toner supports a healthy glow, softens rough patches, reduces inflammation, treats acne and eczema.

PORE MINIMIZER: Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clear Skin Tonic is a safe vegan skin toner designed to help give you a smooth, clear complexion. Used regularly after cleansing, it reduces the appearance of clogged pores, sebaceous filaments, blackheads and irritated skin. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates dead cells, while witch hazel helps to calm irritation. 

SKIN BRIGHTENING: Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clear Skin Tonic brightens and softens the skin, brightens the appearance of uneven tone, smoothes the skin's surface, reduces the look of dark spots, pores & hyperpigmentation.  A powerful facial toner that brightens dull skin while tightening pores   and providing a radiant glow. 

BALANCE PH LEVELS: The Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clear Skin Tonic not only works to balance your pH levels, but also forms a protective shield over the skin, preventing it from absorbing excess dirt and bacteria. Amazingly, this facial skin care toner works quickly to clear up acne. Simply apply tonic morning and night after cleansing, and be amazed at your clearer skin almost immediately.

PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Good Medicines Beauty Labs Clear Skin tonic is an alcohol-free face toner designed to keep all skin types healthy. It contains powerful natural ingredients like dandelion extract and peppermint oil alongside wrinkle-fighting peptides to promote exfoliation. It's perfect for all skin types - even sensitive & irritable skin prone to redness and breakouts.

The Good Medicine Beauty Lab Clear Skin Tonic is an herbal tonic that helps regulate excess sebum, purify the pores and balance the ph of your skin. Purity has some seriously cool powers—it can help break down environmental toxins like pesticides and car exhaust—and even eliminate acne-causing bacteria.