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Moby Potty Training Chair for Boys and Girls, Toddler Toilet with Portable Potty Seat, Sturdy & Safe Potty Chair

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SECURE POTTY SEAT: Be Mindful Moby potty training chair for boys and girls is a new and innovative toilet trainer. The moby potty chair helps your child feel secure while they're getting used to using the potty, thanks to its non-skid feet pads that keep it firmly prevent from slipping on ceramic or wood toilets.

HIGH PEE SHIELD: All parents of small children know that diaper-free training can be messy. Whether your child is standing or sitting, they’ll have trouble aiming the flow, which often results in pee spilling over their booty and onto the floor. The Moby Potty Training Chair for Boys and Girls offers the solution with its High Pee Shield to make your child feel secure and protected against those splash-back accidents.

CONVENIENT TO USE: Your child will love the cute whale character as the seat, which is colorful. Featuring a closing lid that seals in odors, effortless cleanup with 5 x 10 wipes, and an integrated high pee shield to prevent accidents, the Be Mindful Moby Potty Seat will keep your little one comfortable and happy as they begin to learn how to use the toilet.

EASY TO CLEAN: Be Mindful's Moby potty training chair is made of BPA free & recyclable plastic. It is comfortable for your child, and easy to clean around. Its arched back support provides ergonomic support for your child when he or she is seated on the toilet.

ERGONOMIC & CUTE DESIGN: An ergonomic and minimalist design that features a cute whale shape. Comes in a 3 different colors. A soft, comfortable toilet chair that provides a safe and secure spot for your toddler during any pottying experience! Dimensions: 13" l x 14" w x 8" h. Suitable for 9 months to 2 years old.

Be Mindful’s moby training potty is an adorable, ergonomic and comfortable way to teach your child how to take the next step in his or her personal growth and development in the bathroom. The potty training seat is designed to be fun and unintimidating. First, there are no hard edges; the moby training potty has curves to make children feel comfortable. Second, there are no intimidating noises or moving parts. Its innovative design features a comfortable, colorful with a supportive back, and easy removal bowl . It’s easy to clean and will last you through all the stages of potty training.