Be Mindful

Maple Wood Skateboard Swing and Climbing Rope for Kids, Includes Skateboard Seat Swing with Heavy Duty Braided Rope, Brown

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PREMIUM QUALITY MAPLE WOOD SKATEBOARD SWING: The Be Mindful wooden skateboard swing is more comfortable and fun. Created utilizing 7 layers of maple wood with a smooth finish to blend in with the natural surroundings.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The Be Mindful skateboard swing installs in just minutes with no tools required. One benefit of this design is its portability since it can be disassembled quickly and easily if it's time to move. If you are worried about your child's safety, this ten-foot high swing set will make you feel better. Be Mindful skateboard swing is built to last with a thick wooden seat.

LETS HANG OUT!: Hang out at home in your yard or branch out and take your Be Mindful swing with you on your next outing or excursion. Swing from some sweet take off spots. Includes sufficient rope to dangle from up to 10 feet high. You can hang the Be Mindful rope swing from your tree and even from a swingset.

The Be Mindful Skateboard Swing and Climbing Rope is an exciting outdoor toy that allows kids to swing without touching the ground. This wooden swing features a 7 layer maple wood swing seat that rotates freely on a 16 ft long 1.5" thick heavy duty climbing rope, making it easy for kids to play by themselves or with friends. The rope easily attaches to tree branches or playground equipment up to 10 ft high. This tree swing can be hung from the branches of any natural tree and it's made from high quality wood to make it durable. It is safe and fully secured with its heavy duty rope. With its unique design, it can be adjusted in height and also in distance from the tree trunk to give the best seat in the house.