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All-Natural Lip Moisturizer - Overnight Intensive Treatment, and Lip Care for Dry Lips

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EXTREMELY DRY LIPS: Beautify All-Natural Lip Conditioner
Is a beauty products to repair cracked and bleeding lips, this product of Kismet Cosmetics lip assist will provide the extra moisture you are looking for.

OVERNIGHT CARE: All-Natural Lip Conditioner Treatment protects and preserves your lips all night long. This treatment will moisturize, condition, and smooth your lips to repair their natural moisture barrier.

TOTAL HYDRATION: This Beautify All-Natural Lip Conditioner will treatment hydrates, conditions, and reduces the appearance of fine lines on and around your lips while you sleep.

ALL NATURAL: This product of Beautify is all natural. Enriched with 100% natural origin ingredients, you can rest assured that the treatment touching your lips will keep you glowing on the inside just as much as the outside.

RESTORE MOISTURE: All-Natural Lip Conditioner Intense Overnight Lip Treatment acts as a lip moisturizer to soothe, condition, and form a protective layer to help restore moisture to your lips.

Every best-dressed lip needs the perfect lip conditioner to keep them kissably soft and supple. Beautify Lip Conditioner is made with an all-natural blend of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Soy Wax to give your lips a deep burst of moisture and health boost. Sweet, healing and refreshing all-in-one jar.
To Use: After using our Buff All-Natural Sugar Lip Scrub, gently massage a small amount of Beautify Lip Conditioner onto your lips.