Acai Blueberry Sparkling Water Energy Drink - Natural Caffeine, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Zero Artificial Sweeteners, and Non-GMO 12oz

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FEEL THE ENERGY: Increase your focus, feel revitalized, and be ready for anything with Yerbaé! At home, or on the go, Yerbaé gives you the plant based boost you need to get you where you want to go. 

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All of Yerbae's Sparkling Water Energy Drink is made from refreshing plant based beverages, diabetic friendly, non-GMO, non-synthetic, Keto friendly, gluten free and the natural caffeine from Yerba Mate, White Tea, and Guarana seed extract. Yerbaé is your guilt-free treat that tastes great and helps you restore your balance and unlock your Can-Do Attitude.

NATURAL CAFFEINE: Do you want a healthy energy boost in a natural tasting beverage? Try Yerbae's Sparkling Blueberry Acai Water now. It's the perfect companion for your morning runs, afternoon hikes, and workouts after a long day of work. It's also great as an alternative to your usual sugary soft drinks. Frankly speaking, some other functional drinks are barely functional. On the other hand, Sparkling Blueberry Acai Water, is packed with nutrients. And it's caffeine is 75mg per can—the perfect amount to give you a natural boost without the crash or jitters.

SMARTER CHOICES: If you want to feel good about drinking more sparkling water, then this is the sparkling water for you. Why? Because it's not from concentrate. It's 100% fruit juice, made by blending antioxidant ripe acai and sweet blueberry with this naturally flavored sparkling water. And, being that we use real fruit, it's less calories and sugar than other drinks in its class.

PREMIUM PRODUCT: Yerbaé is a plant based sparkling beverage with a boost of energy from natural caffeine that helps you tackle your morning, your workout, your work, or your day. With zero sugar, zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, and non-GMO, our naturally clean ingredients mean you can drink Yerbaé guilt free. Feel refreshed and revitalized and Unlock your Can Do Attitude with Yerbaé.

Acai Blueberry Sparkling Water Energy Drink is a modern a natural line of sparkling waters with simple, plant-based ingredients. They are made from the finest 100% carbonated water enhanced with fruit essences and natural flavors and can be consumed by teens and adults.